7 Tips to Fully-Immerse Yourself in a Luxurious Ocean View Suite

We do not always get to go on a luxury getaway on the island of Antigua. If you successfully booked an ocean view suite with a fantastic panorama of the Caribbean Sea, you might as well make the most out of it.

Indulging in your ocean-view accommodation is a must on your itinerary, especially if it is your first time staying in this type of room. There are many ways you can fully enjoy your ocean-view room, and here are seven great ideas:

1. Lose Yourself in the View

Take your time to appreciate the stunning view of the ocean. 

Many hotels and villas provide an excellent spot to take in the scenery, such as balconies and dedicated viewing decks. Spend your moments soaking in the beauty and let the calming sound of the ocean waves soothe your soul.

2. Unwind in Style

Depending on your accommodation, you can use extra amenities to enjoy the pure serenity of ocean-view suites.

Take a refreshing dip in a Jacuzzi or private infinity pool while gazing at the gorgeous ocean while savouring true luxury.

3. Enhance the Ambiance

You can create a more luxurious atmosphere in your ocean-view accommodation with soft lighting, scented candles, and soothing music.

Use these with your evening dinner date or pool dip to set the mood and enhance your overall Caribbean experience. 

4. Pamper Yourself

Create the ultimate relaxation experience by leveraging the accommodation’s spa and wellness services. Typically, you can find these by asking the concierge.

Enjoy a well-deserved massage, enjoy a luxurious bath, or practice yoga while overlooking the ocean. Not only is this healthy physically but also great for your mental well-being.

5. Capture Memories

Ocean-view rooms are the best backdrops for amazing photoshoots. 

Take photos and videos to capture the beauty of your ocean-view suite and create lasting memories. You can use these to reflect on fond memories and spark conversations with your friends and loved ones.

6. Exquisite Dining

Treat yourself to some fine dining with the ocean as your primary view. Whether in-room or at the resort’s restaurant, you can sample various local cuisines and enjoy a romantic dinner with a panoramic ocean backdrop.

7. Recreational Activities

Besides indulging in the ocean’s captivating beauty from your room, you can also engage in fun activities offered by the accommodation.

Most hotels and accommodation providers in Antigua allow guests to experience water activities such as diving, snorkelling, and yacht tours. Some may have concierge services offering tour bookings.

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