How to Get Rid of Dark Circles Permanently

Many people suffer from dark circles under their eyes. They often try to cover them up with make-up but they still seem to shine through and be bothersome.

But there are a number of home remedies that you can try and see improvements as quickly as overnight in the reduction of the color and appearance of dark under eye circles.

An added benefit is that many home remedies also help to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and puffiness around the area along with the dark circles.

But before you can address dark circles, you must first know what it is that causes them. There are a number of different things that can cause under eye circles. Some medications are known to cause this, and may not be able to be remedied without a change of medication.

If your under eye circles are hereditary, you might also find it difficult to alleviate them. However, under eye circles caused by stress, a lack of sleep, rubbing your eyes, dehydration, or allergies may be remedied by either treating the causes or by using one of many different remedies.

Speak with Your Doctor

One of the first things you should do is to talk with your doctor to determine what the cause of your under eye circles might be. If they are caused by a medication your doctor is prescribing, it is also the perfect time to ask if there is an alternative that may not have the same side effects.

If your doctor suspects your dark eye circles are a result of allergies, there are a couple of different options they may pursue. One is to recommend taking an antihistamine daily to help relieve the allergy, which will also help to reduce the eye irritation.

Another would be to complete allergy testing to determine if there is something specific causing the allergy that you can avoid or consider taking allergy shots for to treat.

You doctor can also run a couple of simple blood tests to make sure there is not an underlying condition, like an infection or anemia that may be causing the under eye circles.

Based on these lab results, your doctor may prescribe medication for you to take to alleviate the underlying condition, and you will begin to see improvement in your under eye circles.

Not an Underlying Medical Cause

If you have talked with your doctor and determined that your under eye circles are not caused by an underlying medical condition or illness, then there are a number of lifestyle changes you can look at to see if they can help to relieve your under eye circles.

If these are in fact the cause of the under eye circles, these lifestyle changes could be enough to permanently rid you of the dark puffy eyes you dread looking at in the mirror.

One of the easiest to remedy for most people is getting enough sleep, or getting too much sleep. Not getting 8 hours of sleep can result in feeling tired, increased levels of stress, and an increase in the presence of under eye circles.

By making sure you get enough sleep regularly, you can help to ensure your under eye circles stay away permanently.

Another lifestyle change you can make is by staying hydrated. When you drink enough water your body is able to stay refreshed, including your skin and eyes.

But when you are dehydrated, you are more likely to feel sluggish and have darker circles under your eyes.

Other Causes for Dark Circles

Unfortunately, many people experience under eye circles as a part of the aging process. If this is the case, there is nothing that anyone can do to entirely prevent this process.

However, there a number of things that can be done to help alleviate the appearance of under eye circles, reduce puffiness, and have brighter and refreshed eyes.

Some of these remedies are over the counter eye creams and serums available from beauty supply stores or pharmacies.

But many of these products contain ingredients which are derived from natural remedies. Some of these remedies for relieving dark under eye circles are mentioned below.

Lighten Dark Circles with Potatoes

There are a lot of vitamins and nutrients in potatoes. One thing many people do not realize though about potatoes is that they also have natural bleaching properties within them.

Take a white baking potato and shred it using a box grater. Take the grated potato and squeeze out as much of the juice from it as you can. Then take the potato juice and dip a clean cotton ball into it.

Gently rub the potato juice on your dark under eye circles. Let the potato juice set on the skin for a minimum of 15 minutes.

For even better results, let the juice remain on your skin overnight and then wash it off in the morning.

The potato juice will lighten the dark circles overnight, and with repeated use you will see even more improvement.

Reduce Under Eye Puffiness and Circles with Tea

Brew a cup of green tea or chamomile tea. Then let it cool to room temperature. Once it is cool, take a cotton ball and dip it in the tea.

Place the tea soaked cotton ball on the under eye area for ten minutes. Another option is to drink the tea, but remember to save the tea bag.

While you are enjoying your tea, and the tea bag has had time to cooled off, you can then place them on the eyes and allow them to sooth the area.

This will help to relieve the puffiness and reduce the appearance of under eye circles.

Healing Power of Honey

Honey has been used to treat a number of ailments for years. Treating under eye circles is just one of the many things it can help to alleviate. Look for raw honey. Then take a small amount of honey and apply it in a very thin layer on your under eye area.

Take extra care not to get the sticky honey on your eyelashes. Let the honey remain on your eyes for at least twenty minutes. If you do not toss and turn when sleeping, you could even leave it on overnight.

When ready to remove it, rinse the area clean with warm water to help remove any of the sticky residue. You will find the area under your eyes has been lightened.

Cooling Cucumbers

Cucumbers can do a lot to help soothe. Besides being a cool and refreshing snack or salad topping, they also work great for refreshing your eyes. This eye care treatment is probably one of the most well known home remedies.

There are countless commercials and movies with ladies at the spa, relaxing in comfy robes, wearing a face mask, and cucumbers over their eyes. But this is not just a prop for movie scenes.

It really does help to refresh the eyes. Take a cool cucumber, preferably an organic cucumber. Slice a couple of round circular slices off of the end and then place them over your eyes for at least fifteen minutes.

It will help to reduce the puffiness around your eyes, leaving them refreshed. Another use for cucumbers is to take some slices of cucumber and put them in a pitcher of water. Allow them to infuse the water and you will also have a refreshing drink.

Note: This usually works better if you leave the peel on so the thin cucumber slices help to hold their shape.

Awaken with Mint

Mint can be very refreshing. The scent, taste, and the cooling sensation mint gives on the skin can really appeal to all of your senses. You can take a couple of fresh mint leaves and bruise them with your fingers gently.

Then take the leaves or the juice that may come out of them and apply it to the area under you eyes. However, be extra careful not to get the mint into your eyes.

It can make them water excessively and create a burning like sensation and discomfort.

Let the mint stay on your skin for about thirty minutes before rinsing it off with warm water. You can also take a little bit of the mint, crush it between your fingers for a few seconds, and add it to your cucumber water mentioned above for an extra refreshing drink.

The longer you let it sit in the water the stronger the cucumber and mint taste will be.

Note: Do not try to take a “short-cut” and use mint oil instead of fresh mint leaves. The oil is too concentrated and will result in a significant amount of irritation to the skin and the eyes.

Refresh Your Eyes with Cold Milk

Lastly, you can use a few drops of cold milk on a cotton ball in place of eye cream. Simply massage the milk into the under eye area before bed at night.

It will act as a natural moisturizer and help to refresh your under eye area. Higher fat versions of milk, like whole milk or even heavy cream, work best for these purposes.

You can also take the milk and mix it with some other ingredients to see improvement.

For instance, take a little bit of milk and mix it with honey. They apply it with a cotton swab, cotton ball, or your fingertips to the area just under your eyes for at least fifteen minutes or overnight.

Then rinse the residue from the treatment off of your eyes with some warm water.

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