COVID-19: Are you at Higher Risk?

The Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has caused an economic crisis and an enormous loss of life. The excess mortality concept is a cost-effective model that enables countries to calculate the financial impact. In addition, the employment to population ratio shows the percentage of people working full time. It closely tracks other economic indicators.

If the COVID-19 pandemic spreads quickly, there is a higher chance of a destroyed global economy. This occurrence happened back in 2020 during the Great Lockdown in April. That is why officials are enforcing new formalities for all the people’s safety. 

Fighting against an infectious and lethal virus is not a joke or a simple matter. The costs of fighting a pandemic are high, both short- and long-term. During its dispersion, higher-ups are busy with quarantine health facilities’ preparation, isolating infectious cases, tracing contacts, and rehabilitation for recovering. Health experts focus on creating wellness examinations like fit-to-fly COVID test, rapid antigen test, and vaccinations to strengthen an individual’s immune system.

These efforts consume human and public resources, slowing down the economy. It occurs because everyone worldwide is working to minimize the plague’s continuous dispersal and halt it anytime soon.

That is why citizens globally should follow the implemented protocols and check if they are at high risk of getting infected by the disease.

Why is it essential to do a self-check occasionally?

Self-health checks should be part of a human’s routine. An individual’s wellness is fundamental, for it will be their source of strength in achieving their life aspirations. However, most people neglect to do much since they are more attentive to their workloads.

With the non-stop spreading of COVID-19, a self-health check should become necessary. Knowing whether you are not or at high risk will be a helpful way in minimizing the virus’ disbandment and avoiding the danger it may cause.

Thus, see the infographic below brought to you by Harley Medic International, a trusted and reliable Official Rapid Tests distributor, as they disclose how a person can be at high risk of getting infected by COVID-19:

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