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Before discussing what, a pandemic is, it is essential to understand the meaning of an outbreak. An outbreak is when there are several cases of a specific disease outbreak in a short period. Pandemic refers to a rash of a virus like that of a common cold or flu. In other words, an outbreak is when a strain of the virus causes and increases in severity than usual.

There are different ways by which an outbreak can start. When disease-causing bacteria are introduced into the community, they can spread through contact. The most common methods of propagating disease are coughing, kissing, sharing utensils, and aerosols. Thus, a plague is caused when an infectious agent is passed from one person to another. 

The COVID-19’s diffusion came into view in 2019. It started to disperse in a wet market in Wuhan, China. However, experts cannot still find a clue if what is the virus’s origin.

There are many ways to prevent the plague. One of these is to make sure that everyone is adequately immunized. The second way is to boost up immune systems by using vaccines. Moreover, it is vital to boost up general health and education. By doing so, the likelihood of encountering a pandemic will decrease, and the chances of causing and spreading a pandemic will also reduce.

Nonetheless, it became a challenge for both the authorities and the health specialists to conduct a couple of rules and regulations since not all individuals follow their legislation. Some thought freedom is being taken away from them while others are wary about their daily monetary, considering several companies have a “no work, no pay” policy. 

To raise a higher state of readiness to the netizens, the World Health Organization established a couple of tests like PCR test and a fit to fly COVID test for a fit to fly certificate. These health examinations assist the public in distinguishing which of the individuals are infected and regulate the virus quickly. DAY 2 AND DAY 8 TEST