12 things everyone should know about health and fitness


12 things everyone should know about health and fitness

Much has been discussed about health and fitness. But there are a few simple, yet important things that we miss out on. To know these things makes a whole lot of difference in the way you take care of your health and fitness. Because when the foundation is strong, the building stands. When you know the nitty-gritty of fitness, you are ready to experiment on your own and will know what works why, and why not.


1. Most of the workouts give results in the first two months.

People who are just starting with an exercise regimen don’t need elaborate plans. A simple plan carried out consistently can deliver results. It is when you start getting closer to shape, advanced training is required. Specific body parts are worked upon at varied intensity. This gets the desired body form.

2. Maintain progressive overload to see consistent results.

‘Progressive overload’ is the gradual increase of weight training in workout regimen. Depending on what you need to tone up and down, weight training is done accordingly. Different types of weights, at varied intensity are used.

3. Do cardio along with weights.

Initially, cardio makes a lot of difference. But as you continue training regularly, you increase the amount of cardio in terms of speed. Cardio along with weight training is a must, no matter the number of years you have been working out for.

4. Inconsistent training is bad.

Once you start training, it is important to continue. Skipping it mid-way or taking a lot of intermittent breaks does more harm than good. Your body gets used to the exercise regimen and burns fat accordingly. But when you discontinue it frequently, it gets confused. It reacts by accumulating fat, so you put on weight; it disrupts your metabolism and induces mood swings.

5. Progressive overload includes strength training.

Strength training is for your core body. It is a long-term training plan because it takes a long time to show results. Also, the results remain for a long time. Focusing on strength is the easiest way to make your workouts harder due to the endless possibilities.

6 Strength training is best done in gyms.

A good gym has a lot of right kind of weights and weight training machines. Because strength training is long term and requires different kinds of weights, gym is the best place to train effectively.

7. Do an easy pre-workout to connect equally to all muscles.

Human brain doesn’t connect to all the muscles equally on it’s own because some muscles are sleeping. The sleepy muscles affect the muscles next to them, putting all the muscles at a higher risk to injury. To make sure this doesn’t happen, it is important to do a simple pre-workout to connect to all the muscles.

8. Involve mind while weight lifting.

Mind must be fully engaged while lifting weights to see results. Simply lifting weights for the sake of it shows most minimal results. But those who involve themselves in weight training get to see amazing results over time. This is because mental engagement maximizes muscle tension, gets your movements cleaner, sharper and tighter.

9. You don’t have to stretch more to tighten your muscles.

It’s a myth that you need to stretch more in order to tighten your muscles. Only the muscles that are activated/been worked upon should be tightened. Forcing the sleepy muscles to tighten can result in damaging the tissues, or even tearing that muscle.

10. Nutrition is different for every person.

Different bodies respond differently to diet. Some respond well to high carbs, whereas others respond well to low carbs. For some, 4 small meals a day work well; for others, 5-6 meals a day work well. Some fast for one day a week to get best results.

11. Base workout regimen on nutrition.

Based on how your body responds to diet, exercise regimen can be planned. At the start, a simple exercise schedule can be combined with the diet to see how the body responds. You may modify the diet plan and exercise plan once in a while to accomplish your health and fitness goals.

12. Consume fresh food. Avoid processed, lab-made and shelf-stabilized food.

Fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, nuts are good for human body. Humans are created to consume natural food. Intake of processed, lab-made and shelf-stabilized food may suppress hunger and contribute to an easy lifestyle, but harm the body more than we realize. These are to be avoided for the simple reason that human body is not designed for it. Fighting against creation only brings destruction.

Now that you know everything, you are ready to work right for your health and fitness.