How To Cope With Stress

How To Cope With Stress

Healthy ways to cope with stress

We all encounter stressful situations on a daily basis. How we handle those stressors affects us more than the stressor itself. When you cope with stressors and problem aggravates, it affects you mentally, physically, and, emotionally. These are unhealthy ways to cope with stress. Let’s understand the unhealthy ways to cope with stress and why they are called unhealthy. This will help you eliminate unhealthy ways and adopt healthy ways.

Unhealthy ways to cope with stress:


  1. Chain smoking.
  2. Excessive alcohol consumption.
  3. Watching television for long periods of time.
  4. Withdrawn social interaction.
  5. Excessive sleeping.
  6. Working excessively to fill up every waking minute to avoid facing problems.
  7. Using medical aid without medical supervision.
  8. Usage of drugs.
  9. Indulging in physical violence and angry verbal outbursts.

Some of these methods may give a feel of escaping the problem for a short period of time. But it has adverse effects in the long run. The affects are

Method Effects
Chain smoking. Suppresses appetite, affects vision, cough, cold, lung cancer, bronchitis, blood cancer, heart disease, reproductive issues.
Excessive alcohol consumption. Affects liver to the extent it stops functioning.
Watching television for long periods of time. Increases laziness, diverts attention away from productive activities.
Withdrawn social interaction. Makes you feel lonely.
Procrastination. Affects all activities.
Excessive sleeping. Makes you lazier and encourages procrastination.
Working excessively to fill up every waking minute to avoid facing problems. Problems need to be dealt with as and when they arise. The longer they are ignored or avoided, the bigger they become.
Using medical aid without medical supervision. Affects health.
Usage of drugs. Destroys health.
Indulging in physical violence and angry verbal outbursts. Destroys relationships, criminal offence.


Knowing how these unhealthy ways of coping stress spoils your life it is not wise to continue the same.

Healthy ways to cope with stress:

How to Cope Stress

  1. Pick up small physical activities that involves moving around with others.
  2. Exercise regularly for a healthy body and mind.
  3. Eat right and get adequate amount of sleep.
  4. Reach out to your inner circle of family and friends to discuss any issues that are troubling you. There are times when we can figure out things ourselves, and times when we need help. Your inner circle of trusted people will be more than happy to help you.
  5. If you have trouble speaking with your inner circle, try consulting a physiatrist or a medical counselor. Sometimes talking helps.
  6. Communicate your stress points clearly and respectfully to the person causing you stress. The cause of stress could be eliminated.
  7. Stay away from people who are always on the go to strain your brain.
  8. Compromise on common grounds for happy mutual relationships.
  9. Improvise time management and prioritize. This helps you complete all the tasks on time. You will end up having time for recreational activities.
  10. In your leisure time of the day, practice your hobbies. Enjoy alone time or do anything that pleases you and stimulates the creative you.
  11. Try to look at the big picture always. If the present issue is not worth pondering about in the long run, it is probably best to leave it where it is.
  12. Substitute negative thinking with positive. Negative thinking affects your behavior patterns and all your activities.
  13. Don’t strive for perfection. Be easy on yourself and others. Embrace failure and learn from it rather than bottling up self-hate and resentment.
  14. Look for the upside in major challenges. Learn from mistakes rather than treating as hateful incidents of life. It’s ok to make poor choices.
  15. Forgiveness is so much needed, for self and others. All humans are imperfect and people make mistakes. Forgiveness frees you from negative energy and let’s you move on.

All said, it will work only when you make it work in your life. Out of the above, pick what you find missing in your life and implement it to see remarkable changes in your life.

Below are a few simple healthy ways to relax and recharge self.

  • Take a walk.
  • Enjoy the beauty of nature.
  • Listen to music.
  • Take up new hobbies.
  • Try new things.
  • Take a long bath.
  • Play with kids.
  • Play with pets.
  • Write in your personal journal.
  • Watch a good comedy.
  • Read a book.
  • Enjoy your favorite beverage.