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Maintaining your Coffee Grinder

Your Mazzer Grinder should be looked after, like your other appliances. Fine particles can overwork the motor and trigger it to break oils if not taken care of properly. This can lead to a reduction in performance and damage future brews.

How to Take Care of Your Grinder

  1. Remove any particles

Take out the hopper and vacuum the area with any vacuum that has a wand extension. You can also force air through the gaps using a can of pressurized air. It would help to inspect the funnel where your grinds are being dispensed. If it’s coated in coffee, you can ruffle it with a toothbrush or finger and then use compressed air to extract what’s left.

  1. Avoid using rice to clean a La Pavoni coffee grinder

A grinder will have the same properties as rice, including the hardness and density of the coffee beans. Coffee equipment is not meant to be cleaned with vinegar or rice vinegar. The rice can be tougher than the beans, which puts a greater strain on the motors and burrs.

  1. Regularly clean your coffee grinder

If you use a blade grinder every day, you can clean it once a week. Burr grinders can be cleaned once a month. It will be much simpler to deep clean the grinder if you wipe it down with a cloth after each usage.

  1. Make it grease-free

The plastic surfaces of grinders can trap oils and coffee schmutz. Remove the bean hopper from the grinder and clean the inside walls. Avoid using a sponge made of metal to clean it, as you could scratch or damage it. Instead, use gentler cleaning equipment.

Knowing how to maintain your grinder correctly is crucial to its longevity. After all, a cleaner grinder means better-tasting coffee. So, do not skimp on regularly looking after your device. 

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