Water Heater Repair Tips you should be aware of

Water heaters are such convenient bathroom upgrades that we might use them frequently. But even the best tankless water heater can sustain damage over time, and when the time comes, you might need to perform regular maintenance to extend their lifespan. How do you repair the damages on your multipoint water heater to keep them from breaking down? Keep reading to find out.

Carry Out Occasional Inspections

Most water heaters, especially electric variations, are durable and can last more than a decade before finally retiring. Still, you should not check it often for signs of early damage, such as rusted metal components and leaking. Discovering subtle signs of wear and tear on your water heater early can prevent further damage from spreading on your unit.

Perform Annual Water Heater Draining

One factor contributing to damage to your tank water heater is sediment buildup. These particles may gather at the bottom of your tank, causing clogging in the pipes and discoloration in the water. Sediments will gradually build up over time – failing to drain your tank can eventually harm your heater’s efficiency.

Keep an Eye on the Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve

Continuously monitor the temperature of your water heater. Electric units should have a temperature not exceeding 60°C to protect you from potentially getting burns or other injuries and save energy consumption bills. 

Monitoring the pressure relief valves is a practice you must apply since these components protect you from potentially explosive consequences. The valves ensure excess pressure is released and functions as intended. A replacement is in order when there is no water coming out of your heater or if there is a significant leak.

Replace your Old Sacrificial Anode Rod

Rust is probably the last thing you want to see consuming your water heater’s metal parts. In your tank, you will find a sacrificial anode rod drawing corrosive minerals towards it instead of your heater’s crucial components. Over time, this will lose functionality because of the corrosion it will accumulate as it protects your tank. If the sacrificial anode rod of your water heater is no longer efficient, get a replacement immediately.

How do I know if my Water Heater needs Repairs or a Replacement?

Don’t take your water heater for granted; regular maintenance ensures your unit remains in optimal condition. But frequent use, old age, and neglect can lead to damage. To determine whether your tank is showing symptoms of failure, consult this informative blog by Rheem Philippines.