How To Get Rid of Cellulite In 2 Weeks


How To Get Rid of Cellulite In 2 Weeks

Cellulite are “fat stores” in your body. They are naturally occurring, and your body actually needs them in order to function properly. Some people are more prone to cellulite than others, and the majority of women will face it at some point in their life. Cellulite is not something you can entirely get rid of from your body, but you can significantly reduce the appearance of it in as little as two short weeks.

Cardiovascular Exercise

One of the most important things about reducing the appearance of cellulite in your body is to reduce your overall body fat. This requires you to engage in cardiovascular exercise regularly. Regularly does not mean you have to do cardio every day, but it does means at least three times a week for a minimum of twenty to thirty minutes. However, if you increase the amount of cardio exercise you do over the course of a week, you will begin to see faster results in the reduction of the appearance of your cellulite. There are a number of different things that you can do for cardio. You do not have to be confined to only running on a treadmill. You can walk briskly, jog, swim, skate, or climb stairs just to name a few options. The most important thing is to focus on your heart-rate. Start by using this simple formula to determine what target heart rate you want to achieve while doing cardio. Take 220 and subtract your age from it. Multiple the answer by 0.7. This number is the target heart rate you want to stay above while doing cardio exercise. For example,  (220 – 35 years) x 0.7 = 129.5 heart beats per a minute.

Resistance and Strength Training

Besides cardio exercise, it is important to incorporate resistance and strength training into your weekly workouts. One option is to do cardio three times a week and on off days do other forms of exercise. Aim for at least three times a week to see results. In order to do these exercises, it is not necessary for you to have expensive equipment or a gym membership. The most important thing is to strive to complete at least one exercise for each of the major muscle groups in your body. This includes your shoulders, back, chest, arms, bum and legs. There are a number of different exercises you can do from the comfort of your own room. All that you need is a space to complete them. If you want to see extra results, the use of some resistance bands or hand weights can help to strengthen and tone your body quicker. If you do not have any of these, do not fret, you can simply grab a couple of cans of vegetables from your pantry and use them as weights. Below are a couple of examples of some different types of exercises you can do to focus on some of these areas. You do not have to do only these, but they at least give you a good idea of the types of exercises that are considered strength training.

Types of Strengthening Exercises

The first exercise you can do focuses on your legs. It is called the pony kick. In this exercise you are on the floor on your hands and knees, with your face angling slightly down towards the floor. Proceed to lift one leg at a time up towards the ceiling, keeping it bent while you do so. Hold the position for five seconds before lowering it and doing the same thing with the other side. Continue to do this until you have done it ten times per a side.  A second exercise you can do is called posterior leg lifts. In this exercise, you start by standing with your feet shoulder width apart. Extend one of your legs backwards, keeping your leg straight. Extend the leg as far back as you can and hold it for a few seconds before bringing it back forward. Continue to alternate back and forth between your two legs until you have completed a total of ten per a leg. If you make these three exercises part of your regular workout routine, you will begin to see a reduction in the appearance of your cellulite, and will also notice a tighter, firmer bum area. Similar types of exercises can be done to focus on your entire body. As you become more toned, the dimpled appearance of cellulite will begin to decrease, and you can see real results in as little as two weeks with some hard work.

Improving Cellulite Topically

Since cellulite is caused by fat cells in your body, it is not possible to entirely rid your body of them through applying topical creams and lotions; however, the overall appearance can be significantly improved by massaging the area regularly. While there is no miracle product that will totally eliminate cellulite, there are a number of creams, lotions and cleaners that help to reduce the appearance of cellulite in the body. By massaging them into the trouble areas, the appearance becomes smoother and tighter. It also helps to encourage blood flow and can stimulate the process of lymphatic drainage, which is important for moving toxins out of the body. This can in turn help to improve the appearance of these trouble areas even further. While it does not eliminate the cellulite, it does improve the appearance and helps to smooth and rejuvenate the skin, helping to camouflage the area. Similar to topical creams, there are a number of body scrubs on the market today which can help with the appearance of cellulite and improve your skin. These scrubs work by massaging them into the trouble areas a couple times a week. They are then rinsed off from the body with warm water. The result is skin that is rejuvenated and firmer. The massaging motion of the scrub works the same as mentioned above to help promote blood flow and lymphatic drainage. In addition, many of these scrubs contain ingredients like caffeine that can help to firm the skin, and healthy oils to leave the skin hydrated. The result is skin that is healthier and the appearance of cellulite is lessened.

Eating and Drinking to Reduce Cellulite

Eating healthy and following a healthy lifestyle is important for anyone’s overall health and well being. It is even more important for you to watch what you eat if you are prone to cellulite. Regularly consuming foods that are high in fat and sodium can result in your body retaining water, and will make the appearance of cellulite more visible. By reducing the amount of sodium you eat, and choosing foods that are naturally lower in fat, the cellulite in your but will be less noticeable. Also, eating foods that are high on the glycemic index, processed, and low in fiber are more likely to increase the appearance of cellulite and your body’s overall body fat. Instead, regularly eating large amounts of fruits and vegetables, whole grain foods, and lean meat like chicken and fish can help to improve the way you feel and the appearance of cellulite in your butt. Just as important as what you eat, is what you choose to drink. Many times people drink juice or a latte and do not give a second thought to the amount of sugar and calories in their drink. Some drinks have as much calories in them as an entire meal. Add to that the amount of processed and refined ingredients and you are likely to experience more body weight and body fat. This will make the appearance of cellulite in your but more apparent. Instead, reach for a cup of green or herbal tea, which provides antioxidants and no caffeine. Or even better, drink water with a little bit of lemon in it. Staying hydrated and drinking enough water helps your cellulite to be less visible. It also helps to rid your body of excess toxins.

Need Results Faster

If you need results faster, there really is no overnight cure for getting rid of cellulite. Of course there are a large number of creams and sugar scrubs that claim to give immediate results for improving cellulite. Even the best products though take time to show any marked improvement. There are however a large number of tricks that you can do with your clothing to help reduce the appearance of cellulite. If you need to go out for a night on the town, consider an A-line dress or skirt. It will not hug to problem areas as much as a slimmer styled dress. Or look for compression garments that help to smooth out your most problem areas so you can wear your favorite outfit. Lastly, consider making a stop at the pharmacy for some self-tanner or at the salon for a spray tan. The slightly darker skin complexion will help to give the appearance of smoother less dimply skin, and make the cellulite less noticeable.


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