How to Get Rid of Cellulite on Back of Thighs

how to get rid of cellulite on back of thighs

How to Get Rid of Cellulite on Back of Thighs

Cellulite affects the majority of women. It is estimated that 90 percent of women have cellulite. Unfortunately, it is genetic, so if the other women in your family deal with it, you are most likely to as well. While this often makes cellulite unavoidable, there are a number of things that a woman can try to help eliminate cellulite on the back of their thighs.

Proper Diet

Eating a healthy diet is important for anyone’s overall health and well being, but if you are prone to cellulite, it is even more important to make sure you are keeping an eye on what you eat.

For instance, eating foods that are high in sodium and cause your body to retain more water. This makes your body become more bloated and swell. As a result, the cellulite in your legs and thighs will be more noticeable than if you were following a diet that was lower in sodium intake.

In addition, eating foods that are higher in fiber, like fresh fruits, vegetable and whole grains can help your body to remove excess sodium and toxins which make the appearance of cellulite more pronounced. But in order for these toxins to be able to be flushed from the body, eating a high quality diet is not enough. You must also make sure you are drinking adequate amounts of water to flush the toxins from your body. When you are hydrated, the appearance of cellulite is also less noticeable than when you are dehydrated.

Work Out Regularly

Cellulite is fat cells within your body. It is not entirely avoidable for many women, no matter how lean they may be. However, by reducing your body’s overall body fat and weighing an ideal weight, the amount of cellulite and its appearance can be significantly reduced.

Engaging in physical activity multiple times a week can help to reduce your body’s fat cells, increase lean muscle mass, and also help you to have a more improved sense of health and wellness. There are also some specific exercises which can be done to target the specific trouble areas of cellulite that appears in the back of your thighs, which will be mentioned later.

Massage Away Your Cellulite

Since cellulite is caused by fat cells in your body, it is not possible to entirely rid your body of them through massage; however, the overall appearance can be significantly improved by massaging the area regularly. While there is no miracle product that will totally eliminate cellulite, there are a number of creams, lotions and cleaners that help to reduce the appearance of cellulite in the body.

By massaging them into the trouble areas, the appearance becomes smoother and tighter. It also helps to encourage blood flow and can stimulate the process of lymphatic drainage, which is important for moving toxins out of the body. This can in turn help to improve the appearance of these trouble areas even further.

Avoid Liposuction

Many women turn to plastic surgery to help remove unwanted fat cells from problem areas; however, if the problem is with cellulite and not with the deeper fats cells that liposuction is designed to remove, the appearance can actually be worse in some cases. This is not to say there are not valid options for treating cellulite with the help of a plastic surgeon, but the first choice is usually not to treat cellulite with liposuction.

Instead, start researching other options for eliminating the problem areas, and consult with a doctor to determine which option is most likely to help you see the greatest amount of improvement in your own cellulite on the back of your thighs.

Outpatient Office Procedures

There are some outpatient office procedures that you might consider. However, there are often not cost effective. They do improve the appearance of cellulite, but there is no guarantee, and they often require additional “maintenance” treatments to keep up with the results.

Some of these procedures include laser treatments. They usually are very effective, but not recommended for use on dark skin tones as the laser can damage darker skin. The procedure is minimally invasive, requires multiple treatments before it is effective, does cause some discomfort similar to a stinging feeling from a rubber band, and it is not permanent. Nonetheless, it is a treatment many women have chosen when all else has failed to give them the results they want.

Consider Using Body Scrubs

There are a number of body scrubs on the market today which can help with the appearance of cellulite and improve your skin. These scrubs work by massaging them into the trouble areas a couple times a week. They are then rinsed off from the body with warm water. The result is skin that is rejuvenated and firmer. The massaging motion of the scrub works the same as mentioned above to help promote blood flow and lymphatic drainage.

In addition, many of these scrubs contain ingredients like caffeine that can help to firm the skin, and healthy oils to leave the skin hydrated. The result is skin that is healthier and the appearance of cellulite is lessened.

Choose Clothing to Camouflage Cellulite

In a bathing suit it is often hard to hide cellulite, unless you are going to put on an entire wet-suit. But, when wearing workout gear, there are a number of options you can consider that are still stylish but will not accentuate your cellulite. Look for work out gear that is either loose fitting, so it does not hug closely to your problem areas, or look for clothing that has higher compression than standard workout gear.

The compression not only helps to improve circulation and keeps fluid from pooling in your problem areas, but it also gives an overall smoother appearance to your body. The same goes for clothes you wear to work or out on the town. There are a number of compression stockings and garments that are still breathable but helps to smooth things out and hide areas you may not want to draw attention to.

Consider a Self- Tanner or Spray Tan

There are a number of different high quality self-tanners and salons that offer spray tans. While these products do not rid your body of cellulite, it does give your body an appearance of a health glow and draws attention away from your trouble areas. And an added bonus is you look sunkist without all of the harmful UV rays.

Just remember to apply it evenly, in a thin layer, to exfoliated skin for the best results. And either wear gloves or immediately wash your hands so your palms do not become more tan than the rest of your body by mistake. Some people have chosen to use tanning beds instead of self tanners, saying it appears more natural.

There is still some debate on the safety of this option, and you should consult with your doctor about the potential risks and benefits before making a decision to use a tanning bed. This is especially the case if you take medications, since exposure to the lights may cause skin to burn instead of tan.

Specific Exercises to Focus on the Thighs

As promised, there are a number of exercises a person can do that can help to improve the appearance of cellulite on the back of their thighs. One of these exercises is called thigh raises.

Thigh Raises

In this exercise, you lay flat on the floor on your stomach. You then proceed to raise your legs off of the floor towards the ceiling about four inches off of the ground. Then bend your knees so they are almost at a right angle to the floor. Hold this position for five to fifteen seconds before slowly straightening out your legs and lowering them to the floor. Continue to do this ten times.

Pony Kick

A second exercise is called the pony kick. In this exercise you are on the floor on your hands and knees, with your face angling slightly down towards the floor. Proceed to lift one leg at a time up towards the ceiling, keeping it bent while you do so. Hold the position for five seconds before lowering it and doing the same thing with the other side. Continue to do this until you have done it ten times per a side.

wall sits

A final exercise is to do wall sits. In this exercise, you stand with your back towards a wall. You should be about a foot from the wall with your feet shoulder width apart. Squat , remembering to keep your back straight as if you were getting ready to sit in an imaginary chair and the wall is the back of the chair. Hold this position for about fifteen seconds and repeat it for ten times. As you start to find these exercises to become easier to complete, increase the length you hold the position for and the frequency of times you do the exercises.

You can also consider consultation with a personal trainer at the local gym. You can share with them you personal goals of improving the appearance and tone of your thighs and they can give you additional exercises you can do on your own or with the help of a weight machine to reduce the appearance of cellulite in your thighs.


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