What is the Difference Between Vodka and Gin?

In the discussion of alcoholic drinks, there would not be a time when people would not argue over which drinks are the best, particularly vodka and gin. Some people prefer gin over vodka, while others prefer the latter over the former. Generally, the vodka vs gin argument over which drink is better depends on a person’s taste. 

Still, there is a growing curiosity about the differences and similarities between vodka and gin. Here are some of the aspects in which the two spirits differ from each other. 

Manufacturing Process

What is gin? Gin is produced in a separate distillation process than vodka. Gin is traditionally flavored with juniper berries. The base spirit is distilled several times to remove impurities and create a smooth liquor. Often, gin is filtered through charcoal to remove any traces of impurities.

The next step in the manufacturing process of vodka involves fermentation. The fermentation process involves using commercially prepared yeast to metabolize sugars into alcohol. This alcohol is then stored.

Alcohol Content

If you’re not used to drinking alcohol, you may be surprised to learn that both vodka and gin contain a significant amount of alcohol. The alcoholic content of these spirits can be hard to detect in your drink because strong flavors often mask the alcohol. 

Vodka is made from grains, similar to beer, and can have an alcohol content of 95 percent. Its flavor can be enhanced by adding different types of cocktail mixers. Gin, on the other hand, is distilled from an aromatic botanical, usually juniper berries. Gin’s ABV ranges from 36 to 50 percent.

Serving and Temperature

When mixing a drink with vodka or gin, remember that these spirits have different serving temperatures. Vodka is traditionally served ice-cold, while gin is served at room temperature. While ice-cold vodka has a smoother mouthfeel, gin’s complex flavor can be enjoyed at room temperature. Many mixologists prefer vodka because it doesn’t add a strong flavor to the finished drink, while gin’s delicate taste isn’t lost by serving it cold.

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