Online Derma VS Derma Clinic: Which is the Better Option?

One of the great innovations that experts have is enabling online derma clinics to happen, which allows clients to get checked up, prescribed medications, recommended skin care products, and be advised on enhancing their skin health.

With the advent of technologized development for healthcare services, these advancements have indeed made the medical system more convenient, proactive, and competent to be personalized. But is it a much better choice for a skin check-up than in the traditional derma clinics?

Convenience and Accessibility

Online Derma: When it comes to convenience and accessibility, online derma has the upper hand. Virtual consultations began in the 1990s when dermatologists utilized fax machines, telephones, and email to communicate with patients.

But as the Internet emerged, it paved the way for online dermatologists to come forth and assist clients. It is a much better evolution in virtual consultations since you and the dermatologist can video call anytime, anywhere, as long as they have a stable Internet connection.

Derma Clinic: If you have double thoughts about virtual consultations because a device’s camera has a different lighting than what we can see face-to-face, you can prefer physical appointments.

Dermatologists can examine your skin more closely. Through this, they could perform their tests and skin care procedures well and monitor your skin’s progress more effectively. Travel considerations will also keep you more motivated since they have invested time and money in your skin’s improvement.

Expertise and Diagnosis

Online Derma: In virtual consultations, qualified and board-certified dermatologists will be at your fingertips. You do not have to wait for an appointment outside. You can avoid the challenges in traveling and paying any consultation fees.

Derma Clinic: In-person assessment and hands-on examination are far more precise when you go to a derma clinic. Dermatologists can see, feel, and check your skin condition with other symptoms that a photo or a video could not capture clearly.

Technology and Privacy

Online Derma: If you wish to be more private during your skin progress, online derma platforms, like NowServing Health, are more secure because it has data protection. These systems use encryption, firewalls, authentication, and antivirus software to restrict any unauthorized modification and access to personal and medical information.

Derma Clinic: These healthcare buildings guarantee to give you confidentiality and comfort. Aside from ensuring compliance with the Data Privacy Act, they also follow ethical guidelines.


The growing landscape of healthcare options balances convenience and quality care. All these choices can help you care for yourself regardless of your busy schedule.